We're the storytelling platform
for the visual web.

Your content is now part of the editorial experience.

Recommend content in the Story format with a dedicated in-feed widget that triggers a full screen experience once tapped.

Bring your best content to life with interactive elements

Create interactive elements such as quizzes or polls that encourage audiences to react, respond or appreciate specific topics.

Create shoppable experiences

Put forward your latest style with our in-story shoppable experiences created for a super-engaged audience.

Creating a 360 content journey

Drive readers into more content with our end-of-story recommendations.

A stunning storytelling platform created for your brand:

A platform for action

Drive audiences to your brand site, store or social channels with our easy to set up Call to Action Scenes.


Create unique experiences on your own platform by driving traffic from Instagram or Facebook.

The Digital Cover

Glamour debuted a calendar of 22 digital covers in 2019, a beautifully crafted series of in-depth stories that capture trends, personalities or current events.

Access over 300 million images and videos

Newsroom X puts forward an unprecedented licensing agreement with Getty Images that makes over 300 million image and video collections available for our brand partners.

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